PV視聴曲 「CALLING」 2017年03月22日発売


作詞 Kane Churko・HYDE
作曲 K.A.Z

I used to be afraid of showing who I was inside
More than a prisoner - a victim trapped in my own life
I couldn't figure out myself - I couldn't see the lies
No one was there for me to open up my eyes

I'm calling - calling
No matter what I say to you
There's nothing that gets through
Right now I'm calling - calling
Show me who you really are
There's nothing left to lose
That's why I'm calling - calling to you

Don't waste your time pretending like you don't know what to do
Cause you already know the answer is inside of you
Get up and do it - only you can change your life
I'll be there for you when you open up your eyes

Can you hear me?
I am reaching out
Can you hear me now?
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